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العلم في الصغر كالنقش في الحجر

Learning when young is like carving in a rock     -Arabic Proverb

At Steadfast Academy, we are especially keen on the youngsters at the Kindergarten level because that is where all the molding and nurturing begins. Apart from the academic syllabus, we have fun and interesting ways of educating the children.

The kindergarten is equipped with vast resources that help in making the curriculum and child development more practical and engaging. Apart from the playground, the school has a role-play area where learners can play and use their creativity and imagination and take up roles. They get to learn about different careers and individuals in the society, which may pique their interest in what they want to become when they grow up.

We adapt a different theme every term and take our learners for field trips to explore and be informed. The students over the years have visited different places that have been very insightful and meaningful to contribute in their academic and social growth.

This is all in an attempt to make the schooling an extra-ordinary experience for the children and it is!

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