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Tell me and I will forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn

Benjamin Franklin

This has been the fundamental philosophy we have used to convey our learning at Steadfast Academy for both the Islamic and secular curriculum.  The practical inquiry based approach helps children feel empowered and enthusiastic to learn.

The Islamic studies offered use the Al Basaeer curriculum which is versatile, activity-based and specifically for the African region. The curriculum begins with a solid foundation of adaab, fiqh, and Tawheed in the beginning academic years before introducing them into more elaborate subjects.

This helps to evolve our children not to look at religious matters as routines but rather, the perfect way of life. In turn this will make them embrace the world with moral uprightness, intellect, and prowess.

We also ensure that our students get conversant with the Arabic language and use it as their second tongue to better understand the religion and be proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an with proper makharij and tajweed.

On the other hand, secular knowledge offered, use the Cambridge Curriculum which is internationally recognized to develop learners who are confident, responsible reflective, innovative and engaged.

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